A Pastry Chef's Sweet Secrets of Paris

A Pastry Chef's Sweet Secrets of Paris

Discover Paris, one pastry at a time

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Meet Michelle

Globetrotting pastry chef & food photographer

Arrived in Paris seven years ago, I hopelessly fell in love with the city, quit my marketing job and followed my dream to study French pastry in the most prestigious culinary school in France, FERRANDI Paris.

I have many recommendations to share with you: the finest bakeries, fusion restaurants, cute cafes, markets for proper grocery shopping like the locals, family-friendly activities, museums and art galleries...

I very much look forward to welcoming you in one of my favourite neighbourhoods and sharing with you all the sweet secrets of Paris.


The Experience

Exquisite, entertaining, educational. An artfully curated 7-course dessert tasting menu in Paris with a globetrotting foodie, who survived a Michelin kitchen!

Create memorable moments and celebrate your special occasions in style with your loved ones through a secret food tour here in Paris. Embark on an arty culinary journey in one of the city’s most charming, chic and historic quartiers. Discover award-winning French chefs. Indulge yourself in all the chocolates, croissant, macarons and learn the history and fun facts behind them.

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What's included

An off-the-beaten-path walk through a historic area while sampling signature French desserts you cannot miss. We will visit 7-11 pastry and chocolate shops, 1 market (opening times vary) and specialty food stores, some of them even unfamiliar to the locals.

7 generous and delicious tastings on me, mostly individual portions to respect Covid health-measures. The more substantial elaborate cakes you'll be able to share with family & friends should you wish to.

One tea / coffee in a Parisian café (drinks can be made hot or cold).

Detailed explanations on the emblematic French pastries and many fun stories about food, art, history and expat life in Paris...

All food and drinks costs are included.


Christmas Special

Book now, travel later.

Visiting Paris during the festive season? Treat yourself and your loved ones a Festive Food Tour with special treats and bonus stops. Did I mention that Santa's prepared a little present for children joining the Sweet Secrets of Paris experience?

Please note that most bakeries and shops are closed on Dec 25th and Jan 1st. Do plan accordingly and make restaurant reservations in advance for your stay in Paris. If you need help and advice on your trip planning in Paris/France, please feel free to reach out.

Christmas Star Decorations
Image by Maksim Shutov


In French bakeries, nuts are amongst the most commonly used ingredients. Chefs do clean their work surfaces on a regular basis and between recipes, however it is difficult to be 100% sure that the preparations are free from allergens, thus the disclaimers we see in shops and product packaging: "may contain traces of allergens" or "produced in a workshop that handles nuts", for example.

To ensure your health and safety, please let me know in advance if anyone has any food intolerances or allergies that I should be aware of. In most cases, we are able to find alternatives during our visit.


Direct Booking Rates

Our sweet experience runs Tuesday through Sunday:

Breakfast walk 10.00-13.00

Afternoon tea-time 14.00-17.00

Join a small group of travellers:

Adult $100 / €90 per person including tastings

Child (ages 2 - 12) $90 / €80 per person including tastings

Book a private group:

$350 / €300 per group +  $30 / €26 per person for tastings

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What happens in Paris stays in Paris...

One of my absolute favorite things to do in Paris. This is the one experience that anyone with a sweet tooth should definitely do in the city. If you appreciate the artistry that goes into making Parisian pastries you’re in for a lovely treat. Michelle is not only a joy to be around and the most amazing host, but her knowledge and passion are palpable and make the overall experience much more rewarding. She is very accommodating and goes the extra mile to remember all your favorite flavors and recommends things accordingly. You’ll feel like you’re with one of your closest friends.


MUST DO EXPERIENCE! Michelle has opened a door to understanding Parisian culture through the perfect combination of sweet bites and stories. This experience has let me into Michelle's magical world filled with cakes, pastries and macarons, on which she knows so much and generously shared her knowledge. Her background as a pastry chef plus the fact that she is really eager to share her connection to this world creates an experience that is not less than perfect. As a solo traveler I felt very comfortable, met like minded foodies and the small group was a perfect setting for making new friends.



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Photo Credits

Here's a special shout out to Emma-Jane and Léa, my favourite photographers in Paris, two inspirational, beautiful human beings, both delightful to work with. Creativity. Sensitivity. Their images speak for themselves. ❤