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Paris Confinement Diary

Thank you for visiting my website. 

If you’re reading this, I hope that you and all your loved ones are in good health and that you have all the support you need around you, no matter where you are in the world. 

I’m originally from China and my partner Francesco is from Italy. The daily lives of our families and friends have been disrupted over the past few months, just like the rest of the world. Our hearts and thoughts go out to those who have also been affected by the Covid-19 during these challenging times.

I recently learned about the passing away of someone I knew in Paris due to Covid. A couple of friends of mine have been fighting against the virus in the past few weeks. Many others who are healthcare workers are still working on the front line every single day. It is not easy for anyone. 

Early January, terrifying rumours started spreading out about the deadly pandemic. Usually, during Chinese New Year, my parents would spend at least a week with our relatives in their respective hometowns close to Shanghai. With the announcement that the borders of the capital city will be “closed” in the next few days, they booked train tickets for Beijing the next morning. That was the beginning of their 73 days of total lockdown at home.

March 15th, the very first spring day in Paris. Feeling the warmth of the sun touching my hair while biking along the boulevards and tiny streets of Paris, I somehow knew that it was going to be the last memories of our “normal Parisian life”, end of an era. The very next day, the government announced an initial 2-week confinement starting from March 17th. I hurried to my tiny winy Parisian studio to pack everything I needed for the next few weeks and joined Francesco in the 20th neighbourhood so that we could be together.  Like most people, we had our moments of panic, queueing for hours to stockpile essential medication and food (did I mention nuts, popcorn and chips). Binge-watching series. The positive thing was that we are both food lovers – the confinement gave us SO MUCH TIME to take our passion to the next level. Working from home, cooking from home. We turned a somewhat tiring or boring daily routine task into one of our favourite activities and we loved every minute of it.

This little video summarises what’s been happening in our kitchen during the 55 days of lockdown.

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From Paris with love,

Michelle ❤️️

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