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Tirami sù | Feeling Italian right now...

Literally meaning “lift me up”, Tiramisù is undoubtably one of the most famous traditional Italian desserts. Creamy, bittersweet, simple and yet dangerously delicious. One of my personal favourites.

The original recipe didn’t appear in any cookbooks until 1950-1960s but many legends existed long ago. Some say that it was invented in Tuscany at the end of the 19th century during a voyage of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, who loved the dessert so much that he brought it to the court of Florence, then to the Veneto region, where the mascarpone cream was finally introduced into the recipe.

The Tiramisù recipe we are sharing today is from a classic recipe book, Il Cucchiaio D'Argento, the Bible of Italian food lovers, published by EditorialeDomus in 1950 for the very first time.

I particularly enjoy making Tiramisù because of the fact that one can be really creative with it.

Add a bit of coffee liquor - I normally use Kahlúa.

We can use any biscuit that soaks. It could be a basic sponge cake (génoise), ladyfingers or biscuits cuillières.

Replace coffee syrup with matcha (green tea) for dipping the ladyfingers, add a spoonful of matcha powder in the cream and decorate the top layer with more matcha powder (instead of cacao powder).

Serve in a rectangular dish, in verrines or build the layers into individual cakes, decorate with cream piped with different shapes of nozzles (piping tips).

What I love the most in French pastries is the combination of different flavours and textures sound in the same creation, that it is never boring for our palate.

You can also adjust the recipe to your liking. Add crushed speculoos, shavings of chocolate or nuts if you prefer a bit more crunchiness. Top with your favourite seasonal fruits or chop small pieces of fruits in the layers, raspberries or strawberries for example.

Original Italian Tiramisu Recipe

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