Saturday Night Live with Marie Antoinette


Saturday 23 May 2020

Please accept this complimentary invitation to the first virtual storytelling evening where court will be held with Marie-Antoinette, the last Queen of France. 

More than 70 Storytelling Evenings have been organised in the past few years here in Paris. Fashioned after the 18th Century Parisian salons, these events offer entertainment, amusement, enlightenment and lively interaction. The salon on May 23rd will be no exception.


The evening will kick off with a period musical performance by Ayke Agus, world-class violinist and pianist, followed by an interview with Marie-Antoinette. Join other guests from across the globe in this interactive online experience where together, in the presence of Marie-Antoinette, we will mingle, interact, raise a glass of champagne, and enjoy a slice of her favorite cake.


Dress code is as you wish….dress up or dress down, in period attire (duke, duchess, marquise) or not at all (assuming video is off). As a guest you can interact, observe or remain anonymous, the only requirement is to RSVP (at no charge) to assure a virtual seat.

Your Host, Bernadette Martin will be hailing in from Paris, Ayke from California and Marie-Antoinette from the Palace of Versailles.


The Interview with the Queen

  • Tell us about coming from Vienna to Paris as the 15 year-old bride of Louis XVI.

  • How long does it take to get “all dolled up” or “all queened up”?

  • Tell us about the lavish parties you organized at Le Petit Trianon and who was invited?

  • What interests did you share with King Louis XVI?

  • Why did many refer to you as “Madame Debt” ?

  • What did you mean by “let them eat cake”?


Let Them Eat Cake

Sweet Secrets of Paris is participating in this fun virtual storytelling evening :) 
Join us on Saturday, will you?