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Globetrotting pastry chef & food photographer

Began baking 9 years ago and professionally trained in French pastry in FERRANDI Paris, the most prestigious culinary school in France, I look forward to welcoming you in my favourite neighbourhood and sharing with you all the sweet secrets of Paris. As a qualified French pastry chef, I personally host each one of our offline experiences. I also share photos and videos of simple recipes for healthy, yummy treats on my insta. Stay tuned for new online culinary experiences.


Artfully-curated culinary experiences in Paris

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italian pasta making - sweet secrets of

😍 Best Pastries in Paris 😍

Embark on a unique culinary journey in the most charming, historic neighbourhood of Paris. Discover award-winning French chefs. Indulge yourself in the taste of Paris through the finest pastries, chocolates and bread. Learn the history and fun facts behind them.

🎨 Post-Museum Arty Treat 🎨

Enjoy a well-deserved tea break after your visit to the Louvre Museum. Travel back in time. Explore the neighbourhood off the beaten path, strolling through the hidden passages and vintage boutiques. Appreciate the elegance of l'art de vivre à la française.

🎉 Online Pasta Party 🎉

Let our taste buds wander the world right from our kitchen. Welcome to our Parisian home, virtually, get our hands dirty and learn to make Italian pasta from scratch. Brighten someone’s day during confinement by gifting them this fun online experience.


What happens in Paris stays in Paris...

One of my absolute favorite things to do in Paris. This is the one experience that anyone with a sweet tooth should definitely do in the city. If you appreciate the artistry that goes into making Parisian pastries you’re in for a lovely treat. Michelle is not only a joy to be around and the most amazing host, but her knowledge and passion are palpable and make the overall experience much more rewarding. She is very accommodating and goes the extra mile to remember all your favorite flavors and recommends things accordingly. You’ll feel like you’re with one of your closest friends.


MUST DO EXPERIENCE! Michelle has opened a door to understanding Parisian culture through the perfect combination of sweet bites and stories. This experience has let me into Michelle's magical world filled with cakes, pastries and macarons, on which she knows so much and generously shared her knowledge. Her background as a pastry chef plus the fact that she is really eager to share her connection to this world creates an experience that is not less than perfect. As a solo traveler I felt very comfortable, met like minded foodies and the small group was a perfect setting for making new friends.



If we've met before in Paris - thanks once again for choosing me. With the current Covid situation, I would really appreciate your support in order to keep my sweet little business going. You can help by sharing your experience with friends and families or writing me a short review on Tripadvisor. Merci beaucoup ❤


Photo Credits

Here's a special shout out to Emma-Jane and Léa, my favourite photographers in Paris, two inspirational, beautiful human beings, both delightful to work with. Creativity. Sensitivity. Their images speak for themselves. ❤


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